Our Story

      Lynn's Bakery & Deli is well known around the city of London, Ontario for our scratch baking, fresh soups and sandwiches, terrific selection of quality cold cuts and delicious breads and rolls that are baked fresh daily. Although we are one of the few bakeries left that bake from scratch, we believe that the extra effort involved in scratch baking is well worth it to ensure the quality and freshness you and your family deserve.

      Lynn's Bakery, originally opened by Arthur and Helen O'Connor in 1980 as a Buns Master franchise. In 1982, their daughter Lynn, decided she wanted to open a deli next door. In 1985, both the bakery and the deli were purchased by Arthur and Helen's son, Roy O'Connor and his wife Rose. They ran both business' separately until June 11, 2003 when Roy and Rose decided to take on the challenge of stepping away from the Buns Master franchise and running both business' together as Lynn's Bakery & Deli. Lynn's Bakery & Deli is now entering its third generation as Roy and Rose's son, A.J. O'Connor has committed his time and effort to keep the tradition alive by soon taking over the family business that he grew up in.  With over 30 years in business, Lynn's Bakery & Deli has now become a landmark in the city of London, where many families do not hesitate to cross town to visit.